Draft Day!! But… what is auto-draft?

Ok, you’ve finally decided to join a fantasy football league, either with friends or in just some random league with people you don’t know, And you have no idea what to do next.  No worries, it’s not the monumental task that it seems like at first.

I used to think I wouldn’t be able to do FF simply because I had this pre-conceived notion of guys with tons of notes, stats and research materials, just pouring over all sorts of details just for a draft.  And in truth, some the super-hardcore, it can be like that.  But for most… nah.   To keep things super simple the begging will have two options: Auto-draft and … well… manual.

Auto-draft is just as it sounds.  You sit back and watch or don’t even bother to log in, and the system does the work for you.  It takes it’s best guess to fill the slots of your team based on value and need. Come back later and check out the results.  It’s that simple!

So why not always use auto-draft?  Well, a few reasons.  For one, the computer isn’t perfect, and depending on when your draft is they system may not be up to speed on player injuries, cuts, and late signings.  So your first round pick on a feature running back might not be so hot if they JUSt had a season-ending injury in training camp. Second, nothing beats the experience of picking your own players.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it’s the best way to learn!

Does this mean that it’s all one or the other?  No!  You can intervene if there are certain players that you DON’T want drafted, or want to jump in and make certain pic for players that you want, then turn auto-draft back on to finish up the work.

As you become more experienced, you’ll almost always want to do your own draft, and learn the strategy behind it… avoiding players that are injury prone, knowing when to reach for that player you really want but might not be available at your next pick, and when to avoid a player that is fool’s gold.  This comes with time, watching football, and getting familiar with teams that aren’t your favorite.

That’s about all I’ll cover for now, as to not overwhelm the target audience.  Keep an eye out for more learnings nuggets in bite-sized pieces.


I’ve been a gym rat for about a year now, and there’s no shaking it.I’ve learned a lot in this last year, starting out with the Stronglifts 5×5 routine and then expanding to do more. I’ve been very consistent with it (aside from some time off for personal reasons during the winter) and the results have been great.  However, the one thing that I wasn’t consistent with was undoubtedly the most important thing… nutrition.

It wasn’t a complete mess.  I was tracking all of my eating honestly (using MFP) with calorie and macro percentage goals set according to my objectives.  I was on track quite a bit, but when I was off, I was really off.  When clean eating was inconvenient, it was really easy to just grab whatever was available and hope it didn’t have too much of a negative impact.  As much as I liked the results, they really could have been MUCH better.

To fix this, I’ve given in and started doing meal preparation for the week.  I’m in my first week and I must say that it’s working out VERY well.  Now I wish I’d stopped resisting and done this much sooner!  Having those meals on hand is incredibly convenient and drives away the “grab whatever’s around” mentality that leads to ad eating, because I can now grab whatever’s around that is actually GOOD food.

Now that I have nutrition fully on track, I’m about to go harder than ever.  The current program I’m doing is Kris Gethin’s 12 Week Trainer.  I’m gonna use this to cut this body fat to shreds, then perhaps add muscle bulk after, we’ll see.  I’ll talk more about the programs that I’ve done so far and experiences as I go along.  Let’s go!

Basements and Stacks of Wax

I loved basements as a child.

Well, more specifically, I loved 3 basements… the ones belonging to my father and two of my uncles. They were all set up with the same formula: finished basements with good looking flooring and walls, well lit, beautifully hidden utility segments (laundry, furnace, etc all tucked out of plain sight) custom made bars, and a kickin’ stereo system. These basements were perfect for entertaining guests, and there was always a rotation of who’s basement would be the spot for each year’s New Year party.

For me, the focus of the basement was always the stereo rigs, and this is where my love of music began.

Fantasy Etiquette: A Smarter Way To Trade

Now that I’m in my 4th year of Fantasy Football, I guess I can say that I’m completely hooked.  I don’t mess around… I work smart trades, my waiver game is tight, and I handle my business.  In this time, I’ve been offered and heard of some of the most ridiculous trades known to man.  It’s great for entertainment (there’s one person that I can count on for lots of laughs, even though he’s serious).  What folks fail to realize is that when you’re throwing out seriously lopsided trade offers fishing for a sucker, you pretty much guarantee that you will get no respect and will not be taken seriously at all.

With that, I’ve come up with some FFL Trade Etiquette rules for the dummies err, I mean… “average” FFL participate to follow.

Joni Mitchell Never Lies: Got Your Website ‘Til It’s Gone

During my time working for a web hosting provider, I have come to understand the scale of ignorance regarding businesses and how they regard their web presence.

Once upon a time, having a website was a novelty.   Then it became an advantage.  Nowadays it is an absolute necessity for serious business owners of all types and sizes.  Even your little one-person side business needs a website.  Why?  Because when people see your ad or your business card, they are going to skip straight past the phone number most of the time and look for a website URL and email address.  If it’s not there, they will give you the Corporate Blank Stare™.

So given the importance of having a web presence to promote, it amazes me how many people let this lapse.  Companies and business owners that NEED their site because it’s THE source of their income have no excuses at all for neglecting this aspect of their business.  Yet, on a somewhat regular basis, I get calls from folks who’s business has been crippled for various reasons related to web negligence that could have been avoided.

With this in mind, here is my take on some of the typical scenarios that I come across.  

Far reaching, but short sighted…

There used to be a time where we lived real communities. We knew our neighbors and their children, and they knew ours. Our children were required to respect them as authority figures, and in return we could count on them to BE authority figures, and the community watched for their own as if they WERE their own. We knew that if our kid was with Johnny that Johnny’s parents would watch over them and keep them in line.

That’s largely the stuff of myth and legend now. Many don’t even know their next door neighbor beyond a first name, if that. Even in our generation, we knew how it was for our parents and we could see it shrinking bit by bit in our own time. I was able to stay out until the street lights came on… but can we let our kids do that now?

The changes in technology and modern society now allow us to reach out to a complete stranger anywhere on the planet at a moments notice… and yet the more access we have to the world, the more we isolate ourselves from the people and things closest to us. We are dedicated to online communities and forums, but have little interest in who’s walking down our streets.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can still reach across the world, and still take time to reach out to a neighbor and shake his/her hand. We can get online and donate money in an instant, but not neglect to feed someone in need right before our very eyes. We need more eye contact, handshakes, and REAL face time.

We can still reach far, without losing sight of what’s before us. Use that long arm to reach more, not over.

The Negro Motorist Green Book

A friend shared this with me a while back… I had no clue that such a thing existed. Little known stuff like this needs to be covered in our schools, especially when kids are driving to school right into their first year of high school and don’t give it a second thought. This should give us more appreciation for the endurance of past generations next time we get behind teh wheel. Share this with others!


The Green Book often provided information on local tourist homes, which were private residences owned by blacks and open to travelers. It was especially helpful to blacks that traveled through sunset towns or towns that publicly stated that blacks had to leave the town by sundown or it would be cause for arrest. Also listed were hotels, barbershops, beauty salons, restaurants, garages, liquor stores, ball parks and taverns. It also provided a listing of the white-owned, black-friendly locations for accommodations and food.

The publication was free, with a 10-cent cost of shipping. As interest grew, the Green Book solicited salespersons nationwide to build its ad sales.

Inside the pages of the Green Book were action photos of the various locations, along with historical and background information for the readers’ review. Within the pages of the introduction, the guide states, There will be a day sometime in the near future when this guide will not have to be published. That is when we as a race will have equal opportunities and privileges in the United States .”

The Green Book printed its last copy in 1964 after the passing of the Civil Rights Act. Here is the 1949 book in its entirety


The Answer

A question has been running through my mind a lot lately.

It has already been answered before.

It must be answered still.

The answer is a daily recurrence.

The answer was given from the very start.

I must continue to seek that answer.

I must never forget the answer even as I’m seeking it.

My answer must be correct.

If my answer is incorrect, then I must correct it.

My answer must remain correct.

It is not for me to say if my answer is correct or not.

My answer cannot deviate for foolishness.

It is useless to ask myself unless I answer.

My answer is not in these words.

Even as I answer, I must continue to find more answers.

My answer is never finished.

I owe this to Him.

I owe this to her.

I owe this to him.

And I owe this to myself.



I want to say “I quit”, even though I’m not giving up.

I want to say “forget it” but it stays fresh in my mind

I don’t want to show frustrations, but still want it to be acknowledged

I feel like I’m losing, even though I know I will win

I feel like I’ve been set up for failure, yet poised for success

I cry, but understand that my tears don’t make me any less of a man

I want empathy, but have no need of anyone’s pity

I feel that I’m lacking, even thought I have everything that I need

I want to do the right thing, but for the wrong reason

I feel like my thoughts are scrambled, even though my steps are ordered

Sometimes I start writing, then forget what the purpose was

Sometimes… I don’t need one.

Venting… but no backdraft?

I can probably sum up what I’m about to say in one phrase: Some people want to fart in the wind, but are shocked and appalled when the wind changes quickly and their own stink returns to their noses.

I understand that we all need to vent sometimes.  I’m the one that does the venting on occasion to trusted friends, and I have those that trust me to come to me for their release.  Sometimes we just need someone to hear us out.  That’s perfectly fine.  And sometimes, we don’t necessarily want or need any feedback, pep talk, or whatever… we just need to be heard.  That’s alright sometimes.

What irks the crap out of me, however,  is when you have folks that want to release and vent and spew and piss and moan and whine all over the place, but RARELY want any real feedback, especially when it’s gonna tell them about themselves.  Worse yet, they even cop an attitude toward you even you even attempt to interject anything unless you’re in complete agreement with them.

Maybe the reason that it gets on my nerves so much is that I expect my friends to give me some perspective, or to put me in check when I’m out of order.  What a crazy notion, right?

I’m sorry… but if you’re coming sideways then don’t come blowing off steam to me and expect me to just say “yeah”, nod my head in agreement, or give any such indication that I agree with, condone, or consent to your point of view.  When this is almost ALWAYS the case, you’re not really looking for a release… you’re just looking for someone to cosign and validate you in your mess.  Get real and GROW UP.

Oh, and let me drop this little tidbit… if you’re always complaining about what “people” are always saying to or about you, and these “people” are really the ones that are appointed in your life to look out for your best interests, your well being, and your very SOUL… then SHUT UP AND LISTEN.  They very well might be wrong in any particular instance… but at least take a doggone second to humble yourself, get your rump off of your shoulders, your nose out of the air, and HONESTLY EVALUATE YOURSELF.