Daddy’s Favorite Noggin Shows

Let me preface this by saying that my wife and I are not the type of parents that lets the TV raise our kids. These days, there is just way too much of that going on. Kids get sent to some crappy daycare of babysitter who sometimes parks them in front of the TV, then they come home and it’s either more TV or video games.

We make it a point to spend a ton of time with him, talking to him (not a bunch of baby babble talk either), and read to him (which, admittedly, we don’t do enough of lately). As he discovers new things, we make ourselves part of the process. For example, when we he discovered “himself” and would reach and grab during a diaper change, we’d tell him “Yes Evan, your penis is still there.” He may not have a clue as to what’s going on, but we’re setting a foundation in him… proper names for things, behavior, etc.

But as much as we interact with him, it’s almost inevitable that he’s gonna see the TV. Whether he’s sitting in a room with us, or playing and walking endless circles around whatever object happens to be on the floor, the TV will probably be on at some point and it will get his attention.

That said… our living room TV is set to “Noggin” quite a bit.  There are shows that clearly draw Evan’s attention more than others… and the same goes for Mom and Dad.  Tiana and I have our favorites that, in the occasional fit of silliness, we find ourselves enjoying more than Evan.  Here are a few that I like…

The Backyardigans – What can I say… Evan loves this show, and so do I for my own reasons.  The characters are unique, the presentation is vibrant, and their adventures are imaginative, creative, and just plain fun.  But what I like most is the music.  This show brings quite an array of tunes from all sorts of genres.  These kids can get down, and even be downright funky when they wanna.

Wonderpets – My wife thought this show was ultra-cute from the start.  I make a habit of mocking it whenever I could just to mess with her.  Truthfully, the show is cute.  Each episode they set out to rescue some young critter errr.. varmint I mean… animal in trouble.  The learn lessons along the way, but the biggest theme for the show is teamwork.  I still love to mock the show to my wife for my own amusement… in particular, how the parents of the resued baby whatever always show up after the fact (hehehehe).  But it is a very good show for the kiddies.

Little Bill – From the mind of Bill Cosby comes something refreshing… a kids show with a black family that isn’t cheesy.  Little Bill demonstrates a lot of the dynamics that occur in a family like this, and addresses a lot of those things in such a way that kids can understand and make sense of the things that happen in real life, while still learning the life lessons that you’d expect.

The Upside Down Show – This show is one of those learning shows that lean more on the “goofy fun” side… and it’s just that.  These two guys are SIL-LY, and very entertaining as they go on new adventures while discovering something “for the first time”.  You can tell that they are ginuinely having a great time while doing what they do best.  This is one of the few shows that can make Evan consistently stop what he’s doing to watch and laugh.

That’s all for now.  There are a few shows that get on my absolute last nerve… maybe I’ll post about those another time.