Awww HECK naw!

I made these comments on a friends page on Facebook who posted this video, and I just had to blog it as well…

If you just watched that and are a parent that believes in “spare the rod, spoil the child”, then you’re probably hype and ready to break off a pillar to crack this boy’s behind with.  Let me count this off…

  1. The second he raised his voice it would have been knocked back down.
  2. The moment he pointed his finger at me like that, he would have drawn back a stump cuz I would have ripped that sucka backwards.
  3. Shut up?!? Did you just tell me to shut up???? OH LAWD GIVE ME SKREMPH CUZ I’M ABOUT TO SHOW THIS BOY WHAT SHUT UP REALLY IS!
  4. Wanna lay some hands, eh? Aiiiight… Call the cops in advance, and tell them to bring Child Protective Serivces with them. Have some family members put together cash for some bail money and a good lawyer, then meet me at the jail. Hire some contractors and tell them to be ready to replace some windows and walls… While y’all getting all that together, I’ll be doing some remodeling of lil man’s face with said objects needing repair. Not a whuppin’… a BEATING. One of those “oh you think you grown and can take me??” beatings.

I hope that kid gets a good ol’ fashioned community beating, where any adult in authority within 10 miles comes to line up and put in some work on his behind.

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