Draft Day!! But… what is auto-draft?

Ok, you’ve finally decided to join a fantasy football league, either with friends or in just some random league with people you don’t know, And you have no idea what to do next.  No worries, it’s not the monumental task that it seems like at first.

I used to think I wouldn’t be able to do FF simply because I had this pre-conceived notion of guys with tons of notes, stats and research materials, just pouring over all sorts of details just for a draft.  And in truth, some the super-hardcore, it can be like that.  But for most… nah.   To keep things super simple the begging will have two options: Auto-draft and … well… manual.

Auto-draft is just as it sounds.  You sit back and watch or don’t even bother to log in, and the system does the work for you.  It takes it’s best guess to fill the slots of your team based on value and need. Come back later and check out the results.  It’s that simple!

So why not always use auto-draft?  Well, a few reasons.  For one, the computer isn’t perfect, and depending on when your draft is they system may not be up to speed on player injuries, cuts, and late signings.  So your first round pick on a feature running back might not be so hot if they JUSt had a season-ending injury in training camp. Second, nothing beats the experience of picking your own players.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it’s the best way to learn!

Does this mean that it’s all one or the other?  No!  You can intervene if there are certain players that you DON’T want drafted, or want to jump in and make certain pic for players that you want, then turn auto-draft back on to finish up the work.

As you become more experienced, you’ll almost always want to do your own draft, and learn the strategy behind it… avoiding players that are injury prone, knowing when to reach for that player you really want but might not be available at your next pick, and when to avoid a player that is fool’s gold.  This comes with time, watching football, and getting familiar with teams that aren’t your favorite.

That’s about all I’ll cover for now, as to not overwhelm the target audience.  Keep an eye out for more learnings nuggets in bite-sized pieces.

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