George Zimmerman is NOT your enemy.

Let’s get this part out of the way:  I disagree with the verdict.  I don’t by his story.  I don’t buy this verdict in the same state that convicted a black woman of firing WARNING SHOTS and sentenced her to 20 YEARS.  I think that’s garbage.

Now, with that out of the way… I have no ill will toward Mr. Zimmerman.  I don’t wanna be buddies with the guy either, but why should I bother to harbor ill feelings?  That’s not gonna affect him in the least, it would only bring ME down.  We need to stop, breathe, and consider a few things.  

As I stated a little while ago on Facebook (this post will echo much of that thread)… For all of the world’s “safe place”, “castle” or “stand your ground laws, whatever they want to call it… Jesus is the only true security we have.  Period.  He is our ULTIMATE security in this life, and our path of redemption to the next.

George Zimmerman is NOT my enemy.

There are too many snakes in preacher robes or claiming some kind of faith that are doing damage to the lives of children and families, so how dare I as a Christian become indignant because someone I saw an an unsaved scumbag child killer got off the hook?

We must stay humble, be mindful of even the “worst” person’s soul, and keep seeking God.

Even if Zimmerman was scum all of his life, he could get saved and die right after, and would make it to Heaven.  Meanwhile, a longtime saved Christian could get out of order over some foolishness, die right after and lift up their eyes in hell.

Let’s examine ourselves more than we do Zimmerman.   It does no good to point a finger at him and let my own so-called “small” sin send me to hell.

I’m really surprised by the verdict… and not going to waste energy being pissed. i’m praying for peace instead… and yes, for Zimmerman’s well being and safety. He still has a soul that can be saved.

Going forward, when I use my dark hoodie profile/cover pic, it’s no longer for any sort of “Justice for Trayvon” cause.  I’ll use it because it looks cool as all get out.  Even David got up out of that sackcloth and ashes and got his grub on once his son died.  He knew when to move on.

Not forgetting, disregarding, or ignoring… but moving on.

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