I’ve been a gym rat for about a year now, and there’s no shaking it.I’ve learned a lot in this last year, starting out with the Stronglifts 5×5 routine and then expanding to do more. I’ve been very consistent with it (aside from some time off for personal reasons during the winter) and the results have been great.  However, the one thing that I wasn’t consistent with was undoubtedly the most important thing… nutrition.

It wasn’t a complete mess.  I was tracking all of my eating honestly (using MFP) with calorie and macro percentage goals set according to my objectives.  I was on track quite a bit, but when I was off, I was really off.  When clean eating was inconvenient, it was really easy to just grab whatever was available and hope it didn’t have too much of a negative impact.  As much as I liked the results, they really could have been MUCH better.

To fix this, I’ve given in and started doing meal preparation for the week.  I’m in my first week and I must say that it’s working out VERY well.  Now I wish I’d stopped resisting and done this much sooner!  Having those meals on hand is incredibly convenient and drives away the “grab whatever’s around” mentality that leads to ad eating, because I can now grab whatever’s around that is actually GOOD food.

Now that I have nutrition fully on track, I’m about to go harder than ever.  The current program I’m doing is Kris Gethin’s 12 Week Trainer.  I’m gonna use this to cut this body fat to shreds, then perhaps add muscle bulk after, we’ll see.  I’ll talk more about the programs that I’ve done so far and experiences as I go along.  Let’s go!

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