The Answer

A question has been running through my mind a lot lately.

It has already been answered before.

It must be answered still.

The answer is a daily recurrence.

The answer was given from the very start.

I must continue to seek that answer.

I must never forget the answer even as I’m seeking it.

My answer must be correct.

If my answer is incorrect, then I must correct it.

My answer must remain correct.

It is not for me to say if my answer is correct or not.

My answer cannot deviate for foolishness.

It is useless to ask myself unless I answer.

My answer is not in these words.

Even as I answer, I must continue to find more answers.

My answer is never finished.

I owe this to Him.

I owe this to her.

I owe this to him.

And I owe this to myself.

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