Yesterday, I wanted to kick a little girl…

I was at Fry’s checking out the Mac section of the store. I’m a Windows user, and wanted to get a quick feel for what Macs are all about. I was already kinda irritated, because it’s a big store and there seemed to be a multitude of little kids running around unsupervised (stupid parents don’t watch the news these days???). So I’m playing around on one of the mac systems, digging some of it’s features, finding my way around. Then this little girl comes up and starts poking around for no apparent reason, hits the power button on the machine I was using, and walks off.


When the screen went black and I turned to see her leaving, I felt my leg twitch. I wanted to get a running start and kick the living crap out of her. She probably would have landed somewhere in appliances on the other side of the store had I turned it loose. All I needed was that red alert music from Kill Bill and it would have been ON.

Pardon me while I visit the Tribe… CAN I KICK HER?? YESSHA CAN!!!

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